Why does the magnum 12 sound so good?

Discussion in 'Speaker Components' started by Mark Bushinski, Oct 16, 2020.

  1. So I've only had the magnum 12 for a couple of weeks but I am really impressed. I've got it in a 60liter box with a 20hz passive radiator tuning.

    I've been running a thread on diyaudio comparing 12" subwoofers and the magnum is such a different beast.

    I mainly listen for a separation of drums and bass guitar in the 50hz-100hz range and the magnum does this right.

    So i'm wondering if we can learn from the t/s parameters of this driver as to why it performs so well.

    Like is it the low LE? I've listened to a AE IB15ht that was lower. More impact with the magnum but IBs are in a weird setup.

    Is is the low MMS? Winisd calculates a MMS of 80grams.

    Is it the high QMS that lets the QES control the cone? I've listened to Dayton RS 12" with low QMS and they were unlistenable to me, kick drum hits sounded like mush.

    Or maybe it's the giant impedance peak in the heart of midbass and gaint coil resulting in low compression?
  2. I'm interested in the flex 12 design as well. Thread on avs seems to have disappeared. Can this be built in the Kuda 12 flatpack?
  3. Timer, It'll work in the Kuda 12, personally I would tune a little higher like maybe 25hz. Great driver!
  4. Mark, I felt the same way as you about the Mag-12. I built two as MBM's (25hz tune) under my LR HTM-10's actively crossed around 200hz. I felt like for music, drums and bass were so much more defined and realistic, hit harder than the Dayton 15 HO's I had previously. Don't know what specific parameters lead to that but almost everyone has the same descriptions when going from a home theater type driver to a pro audio type driver. Pro audio drivers are usually lighter paper cones, so not sure if that is where the difference lies.
  5. Mattcc22, that's good to know they work well up to 200hz. How many cu ft. do you have them in?
  6. Around 2.5 cu ft. I sold them along with the HTM-10's with my last house and I regret it. They were a little too large for my new house but I should have kept them and made it work!
  7. I have a 68 liter box with a PR supposedly tuned to 22hz. Are you guys using any dsp settings? Modeling in winisd suggests that it is needed.

    Matt, btw, the dsp file in the flex-12 thread is broken at this time.
  8. I fixed the DSP file link. Note you need to change the file extension to .zip after downloading.
  9. I designed an outstanding 3-way MMTMM design with the Mag12 as the woofer in the 3-way. The mid/hi is a coaxial CD crossed low. The quality is outstanding. Ive heard detail full range on my boxes (LCR Soundstage) that I’ve only before heard on premium OEM designers like JTR or Mark Seaton. This driver is a musical piece of quality work. I know alot of folks are using it as a low freq extension sub but man, you’ve got to hear her with quality content in the 50-150 range.
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  10. Burnsze15, sound like a cool speaker. Have you done a writeup of it on a forum?
  11. I would be interested in hearing more about that design too.
  12. I have not. I’m actually in the process of updating the cabs and moving them to surround duty. The new LCR design is going to be using the new DCX464 with the 21”x19” B&C horns designed to go with them and probably, if I can still source them from Mr Erich, the Mag12s or possibly 18sound like the Titan 818 for LCR and PA use.

    I’ll post pics of the cabs and design. They’ve just been beyond incredible. JTR 212RT or 215RT league for sure. I sold the 4594 Coax drivers (older technology now) and am going with the new B&C for the LCR. The plan with these cabs is to replace the horn with a 12” Coax like a B&C or possibly the 12” version of Erich’s if he will offer a few of them to me for sale.

    I’ll post some photos of the design for you guys. The cabs weigh a ton as I did the build with MDF and I wish I had done it with BB and made it modular. The new design will be modular.

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