WTB Fusion 4 Quad 4 Center channel

Discussion in 'Classified Section' started by Barry, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. I'm interested in buying one of these, finished or unfinished. Thanks
  2. I have one I might be retiring - you wouldn’t happen to be in Minnesota would you?
  3. Not in Minnesota. Do you recall what the sensitivity rating is? How about a ballpark shipped price to 15401? Any pics?
  4. I don't recall specifically, although that whole series of speakers is very efficient (98+?). The size of the speaker itself is roughly 28x8x6 and 20 lbs. My first stab at postage through USPS came in at $40-45. I can put some pics up if you are still interested, i know I was slow getting back to you-sorry!
  5. Sure, post some pics. I don't have a solution yet, hoping someone can find a link or remember for sure what the sensitivity of that design is.
  6. Here are a few pics....

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  7. Gah, I don't check this forum often enough. Just bought a Revel C25 center channel to try out/tide me over until/if/when I change. I got it to "match" a pair of Revel F36 towers even though I'm not crazy about dual 5.25" woofers in a small sealed center channel. I'll keep your Fusion 4 center in mind....also eyeing JBL's new HDI center, and there is talk of a quad 6.5" DIYSG design on the horizon.
  8. Hi I am interested in a Fusion 4 Quad 4. Any chance you still have yours 71jones and are wanting to sell?

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