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Jun 5, 2012
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Matt Grant

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Nov 10, 2019
    1. Jared Sepulveda
      Jared Sepulveda
      Hello Matt,

      Do you have any pcb boards for the MTMWW? Just need 1 for right now but if you have 2 we may want them. And how much would you charge to send a assembled one. I wanted to make 1 speaker for now and see how I do and how it sounds before I tackle a full 7.1 project. You can message me here or text me at 801-554-7835
    2. RandyR
      I would like to build the MTM from the Nexus project. I noticed in a post that you said that the woofers were wired in series. When I look at the schematic, it appears that they are wired in parallel. Which one is it?
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