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  1. so looking to spend about $1K need start LCR- HATE HATE HATE 80Hz xover so need something at least plays flat 40HZ- Minimum 6 1/2 drivers- rather not sped $1k on two speakers---- need play reference with out wimping out with my Elite SC-97.

    If all goes well I'll have $2k but as of now BUDGET $1K---- what would you guys get.

    Want full and exciting sound stage to later expand on.
  2. I think an outstanding setup within your budget would be either

    3 Cinema 8
    2 Cinema 8 with a Fusion 8 Alchemy center
    2 Cinema 8 with an 88 Special


    I'm not sure where you are coming from with the hate regarding the 80Hz XO, maybe you could explain further. In nearly all 5.1 type variations I am a big fan of subs.
  3. I just don't like it- sounds bland I prefer a bit lower.
  4. When I can afford to build big subs then I probably won't mind. Only have a Polk PSW505 right now
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    Hi bergarth. I have to admit I haven't heard any of the speakers I suggested, so if they sound bland I probably just didn't realize that. You said you prefer "lower" but I don't know what that means. Lower price, lower frequency?

    I do have the Fusion 10's which I think run around $250 each with flatpacks and assembled XO. Even though they fit your budget I didn't recommend them for you because they were designed from the ground up to be used with a subwoofer and you said you didn't want to cross over at 80Hz.

    When used with my sealed 15" sub w/500 wpc I can assure you they give chest thump power and sound better than some certain other very expensive Klipsch speakers I own. FYI my Audyssey crosses the Fusion 10's at 60 Hz.

    It might help if you could name a speaker (price no object) that might suggest the kind of sound for which you are looking. I'm thinking that for you to get the full range sound you want a slightly higher budget might get you there.

    You'll find something. There is too much good bang-for-the-buck sound available on DIYSoundgroup.com at ridiculously reasonable prices! :cool:
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  6. What do you mean by 'bland'? Have you heard the speakers?
  7. The link didn't show much lol just said he cried
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    Well, nobody cries over numbers on a spec sheet! :p

    When your speakers turn you on, do you return the favor? :D

    Here is someone doing the exact build I suggested. You might find the thread worth following and then pick the guy's brain after the build is completed to see if it might fill your needs.


  9. Made up our minds- doing V.B.S.S sub build as our psw505 won't produce the force lol 20hz and under and LCR Either Fusion-8 or Volt-10LX I'm leaning more towers Volt for that fuller front stage 45hz vs 65 lol
  10. I know what the build article says, but the VBSS is really a mid-bass module more than a true sub woofer. It uses an 18" 8 Ohm PA woofer. is that the kind of sound you are searching for?



    That Fusion 8 in a tower build sounds like it might give you that full-range lower-end sound you want from your L/C/R. I've never heard them but they have a great rep.

  11. Looking for sub build that will give 20hz and lower to like 15hz that won't break bank.
    Fusion 8 tower only goes to 60hz for$280- where as Volt-10lx will do 45hz for $180 can't argue justify $100 more for less low end and
  12. Hmm, I'm out of my league here for a sub with those specs. You might want to ask on AVS.com in the DIY section and see if there is something that will fit the bill, within your budget. I know the kits Erich has but those are quality kits that don't go for bottom dollar, they go for maximum bang for your audio buck.

    My 15" sub is the Dayton Audio Reference 15 which features the flat pack that Erich provides to them, so my sub needs were met with standard kits. I used a used Yung 500 watt plate amp for $100 so my sub came in at around $335 or so.

    If you have woodworking skills and can make boxes you have far more options than I do and I'm guessing you can build it less expensively. For us rank amateur DIY'ers the flat packs are a godsend. You are going to have a tough time getting into the sub-20 Hz range cheaply with a standard kit, depending on what your budget for "cheap" is.

    I think my Reference 15 might touch 20 Hz but I doubt it digs deeper than that. It is much stronger and really hits hard at 35 Hz with that nice chest pounding feeling when called upon to do so.
  13. Just thought I would mention this contrary to popular belief a 15 inch sub can dig pretty deep. I am no expert when it comes to using a miniDSP however case in point I have to Audiopipe TXX BD2 15's and they are in a pre build 2.1cu.ft. sealed enclosure. Maybe 400 for both 15's and both enclosures all I am getting at they will dig deep mine according to REW will drop off right below 10hz.I was convinced there was no way the 15's would got that low.

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  14. I knew a 15" would dig deep, but I figured you needed a 15" designed for that purpose and you needed a big box.

    My Dayton Audio Reference 15 is 4.0 cuft sealed and it sounds great without digging into sub-sonic territory.
  15. Like I wrote there is no way anyone would convince me that a 15 would get that low. After getting some help with using my minidsp I know better. I am sure your sub sounds great. I started off with 2 HT18D4 they would get to 18.5 - 19hz. Now I have HST18D1,s once I get my new amp and get these dialed in I could be in single digit territory. The 15's are car subs nothing fancy I paid around 150ish the prebuilt boxes on e-bay for 40-45 each. I was thinking about upgrading but since they are capable of 10hz might as well keep them. Prior to hearing the difference between 19 and 10 I did not think it would be a big deal well it is and it does make an impact.

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