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  1. Hello,

    I am trying to narrow in on a pair of DIY subs for my music room. The room is 11'X12' with 21 foot ceiling and open to the house on the back wall. My main speakers play down to 40Hz, and I like the distributed bass theory. The sub amp is a Dayton SA1000, and the total impedance should not go below 4 Ohms. I would like them to play down to low 30 Hz before rolling off.

    Will 12' subs in 2 cubic foot sealed enclousure go low enough, or should I look at 15's in 3 cu ft enclousures? Any advise on drivers?


  2. What's your budget?
  3. Around 500.00
  4. Two 3 cu ft enclosures with a port tuning of ~24Hz using Infinity 1260Ws.

    That should get you what you're looking for within your budget. But I notice that your amp is a single channel amp, so I'm not sure how you plan on connecting two subs to it. You might also want to consider a dual opposed configuration of the above, but that's not really distributed in the sense you're talking about.
  5. The amp will drive two subs through its pair of speaker-outputs as long as the load is not less than 4 Ohms. I will look at your suggestion. Much thanks.
  6. I have been reading about the Anarchy Sub and they look impressive. My only concern is they will run out of steam as spl goes up, although when I adjust the subs flat they really don't work hard to fill in the needed bass.
  7. If you read far enough into those threads you'll see details on how loud two go corner loaded. Then you can decide.
  8. I have ordered 2 of the Anarchy Tapped Horn subs. I have it in my head that I will end up with 4 total in my music room for ease of distribution of the lower bass notes and higher SPL when needed.

  9. That was fast. I received my order today and checked everything for damage. It all looks good. Hopefully I can make time next week for some assembly.
  10. Hey, that's great. Sure hope it works out for you. Please keep us/me posted. I'm very interested in how your build progresses, and especially in hearing how much you like that setup.

    (I also have a pair of Anarchy drivers sitting waiting for some future project.)
  11. Hey BHamm,

    I know this is an ancient thread, but I'm curious... did you end up completing that Anarchy sub project? I'd really like to hear your impressions of them!

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