Eminence 15" Subwoofer and Midbass Information

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  1. It looks like these drivers excel at 50hz or above. Great for someone who prefers chest slam or music.

    For HT below 50hz it seems a dual will be similar to one UM18.
  2. this! ;0
  3. This Eminence is quite flexible. Given a very large ported box, it can still reach within a few Hz of the UM18. As a sub, you can get from ~18-65, +/- 1dB, with the Emi's, and 2 of them will hit 123 dB peak at that. But they are comparable choices in many respects. The Eminence are made in the U.S., which I like as well, and I get to support DIYSG to boot. PE still gets some of my money, too, of course. ;^)
  4. I’m currently building passive radiator enclosures for My JBL2235H, after plugging in the parameters for this driver two are on My to buy list!
    I just hope there’s two left first of the month.
    I’m crossing over to open baffles and hoping to push them to at least 350...
    We’ll see when it all goes together.
    The JBLs don’t extend as deep “excellent for music but will need help down low for movies” the JBLs also don’t make use of the high excursions of the 18” PRs...
    I appreciate all You do and look forward to comparing them!
    Now I need to find an amplifier capable to drive these monsters, perhaps I’ll be forced to repair the smoked Crown K2 in My closet.
  5. They are going to be down quite a bit at 350. Look at specs for the standard Lab15 as a guide.
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