Eminence 15" Subwoofer and Midbass Information

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  1. It looks like these drivers excel at 50hz or above. Great for someone who prefers chest slam or music.

    For HT below 50hz it seems a dual will be similar to one UM18.
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  2. this! ;0
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  3. This Eminence is quite flexible. Given a very large ported box, it can still reach within a few Hz of the UM18. As a sub, you can get from ~18-65, +/- 1dB, with the Emi's, and 2 of them will hit 123 dB peak at that. But they are comparable choices in many respects. The Eminence are made in the U.S., which I like as well, and I get to support DIYSG to boot. PE still gets some of my money, too, of course. ;^)
  4. I’m currently building passive radiator enclosures for My JBL2235H, after plugging in the parameters for this driver two are on My to buy list!
    I just hope there’s two left first of the month.
    I’m crossing over to open baffles and hoping to push them to at least 350...
    We’ll see when it all goes together.
    The JBLs don’t extend as deep “excellent for music but will need help down low for movies” the JBLs also don’t make use of the high excursions of the 18” PRs...
    I appreciate all You do and look forward to comparing them!
    Now I need to find an amplifier capable to drive these monsters, perhaps I’ll be forced to repair the smoked Crown K2 in My closet.
  5. They are going to be down quite a bit at 350. Look at specs for the standard Lab15 as a guide.
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  6. 3DC526CC-9985-479C-AD18-60E368F65B80.jpeg
    I’ve ordered a pair!
    Soon We’ll see if I can blend the open baffles to them.
    I’m hopeful with a worse case scenario of building more speakers!
    The JBLs have been fabulous for music but lacking excursion for movies, the buyouts will have more than enough and allow lower tuning.
    Next on My list is to save enough money for a proper amplifier to drive them or find someone who can put the smoke back in My Crown K2.
    Thank You for making all this possible!
  7. My 2-15” buyouts arrived safe today VERY well packaged!
    I’m in awe, these drivers are SERIOUS business!
    Looking forward to breaking them in and getting mounted, Thank You very much!
  8. I'm anxious to get mine up and running as well. Not sure how to break them in without bringing down the walls. ;^)
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  9. yah i'm trying not to get too depressed about mine sitting there all alone in their boxes in that dark closet!

    i'm not too worried about the walls.....i'm 10 miles from where hurricane michael came ashore and only lost a gutter!
    so unless it can accurately reproduce a cat 5 i'm good (maybe i'd better keep the amp gain in check!)

    hopefully here in the next couple wks i can get them together.......how is it grandchildren are more important than speakers?
  10. Hi guys I am new to this forum - so I am sorry if this has already been asked and answered. Can someone post the TS parameters of the Denovo Max-15 ? Thanks!
  11. Post #2 of this thread or is that a different one?
  12. Ah, no, maybe David is asking about the woofer that is in the Titan and 15" mid-bass module. I don't believe those T/S params are posted anywhere.
  13. Thanks guys- but yes I am referring to the TS parameters for the 15" woofer in the Titan - I believe it is called "Denovo Max-15". It looks like a Deltalite 15 but with different TS parameters. If someone could post the TS parameters it would be much appreciated!
  14. We should leave it to Erich or Matt to post the specs, as they normally will. There may be a reason they haven't. Plus, I'd have to unmount mine to test. :^)
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    Hello Gent's,
    Would the buyouts be perfect for a 1599 per say? I've been wanting a set or 3 of that type in that size for some time. That is if the other parts are source-able. I see the bigger seos waveguides have been oos for a bit. I get the sensitivity on these isn't quite 99....
    Has there ever been a set of 1599's? My search foo turned up zilch on the net but I may have missed something.

  16. No 1599 designed or in the works that I know of. I don't think the buyout 15's are good much above 200-250hz and at that low of a frequency a passive crossover would be difficult and expensive to implement.
  17. Do You think the buyout 15” drivers would be a good choice for use in slot loaded “Nelson Pass” open baffle type alignments?
    I’m considering 4-drivers to build 2-enclosures for music.
  18. Looking for advice on the right box set up for my new theater with two of these drivers (plus any other advice).

    I'm building a 20' x 18' x 9' home theater room in my basement - 3,240 cubic feet. I'm going with 1299's for the LCR behind my Stewart AT Screen. Would also like to place a pair of these back there, and am thinking large sealed enclosures might be best for my application, maybe a 3' cube for each straddling the center channel.

    I'm going to be listening to music/concert blu-rays 50% of the time, and movies/TV/Sports equally the remainder of the time.

    I'll be buying a new amp for these too, so suggestions are welcomed.

  19. I built 2-4cuft knockdown enclosures using Dayton 18” PRs in the pre cut holes, the amount and depth of bass is unfathomable! I had no idea the in room response was going to boost the frequencies below 35hz as much as it did!
    My “guess” would be a nearly flat in room response using sealed 3cuft.
    My computer skills and experience isn’t nearly what others here have, I vote GO FOR IT!
  20. Does anyone have plans for a 3-4cuft ported box tuned to 30hz that would work for these they could share? Thanks.
  21. Hello,
    I have two of the buyout 15's and thinking of pairing them up with a single Dayton Audio RSS460-PR 18". I modeled everything up in 3 cuft and 4 cuft enclosures. The results look good but not sure I am missing anything.


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  22. Make sure to look at the passive radiator excursion levels as well so you don't exceed its limits as the power level you will be driving them with.

    Certainly looks like you have quite a bit of roll off in the design as well, more then 10dB down by 20hz. It seems like it would benefit from more volume (I'd be looking for 3-4cuft per driver) but that may drop your PR tuning too low unless your current models have mass added to that PR.
  23. I've the buyout 15" driver as well that i plan on using with 2 15" dayton reference passives in a 3 cu ft box. Using jeff bagby's spreadsheet, i get the following:

    This is using all 7 of the supplied washers(75g each) on each of the 2 passives:

    eminence buyout SPL .jpg
    And this is the excursion. I will be enabling a HPF at 22Hz to safeguard the driver.

    eminence buyout excursion.jpg

    Just need a design check before i start cutting ply.
  24. I think that looks good.

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