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  1. Victory is MINE!!! 1099s coming my way!!

    Now need some HT-8s
    Should do a pre-order for those too, then you can see how many you need to buy for customers
  2. I'm packaging up 1099's from the first preorder now that the mids arrived. I'll have those done before the end of the week and then will finally start putting the Volt-6, Volt-8, and other kits back in stock and update this thread.

    Compression drivers for more HT-8/10/12 kits finally came in as well.
  3. Did you finally manage to find a helper or are you still doing all the literal lifting by yourself?
  4. One of my friends helps with the flat packs but I've been doing the kits pretty much by myself. With so many things out of stock, it hasn't been horrible, but I could still certainly use the help. A couple weeks ago I noticed other places were out of over 50% of their kit models, so it's kind of wide spread, but seems like it's starting to get a little better.

    Hiring right now is difficult due to how things are going with Covid. One of my friends was talking about how crazy it's been hiring any type of 'hands on' people due to training issues. Some people don't mind working side by side to learn the job right now, others won't do it at all and could potentially cause legal issues for a small business not set up to deal with new regulations that are different from state to state.
  5. Erich I’m thinking of substituting HT-8’s for Volt 6’s in my surround columns - are the HT-8 drivers deeper than the Volt 6’s? I want to keep my column depth at 6” off possible.

    i need to know this to make a decision on what to order since the HT and Volt drivers are in and I’m assuming both will be available to order soon.

  6. The HT-8 woofer is shallower than the Volt-6 woofer/driver combo. But I would need to check the depth of the waveguide/driver on the HT-8 because that's deeper than the woofer.
  7. Am I correct I’m assuming the waveguide/driver is a custom build? In other words, there’s no retail equivalent I can use as a reference for depth measurements? I know you’re busy atm so if I can take that burden off your shoulders I will.
  8. Yes I saw the compression driver depth as you stated, but what about the wave guide depth as noted by Erich?
    Sorry about that. I didn’t understand that that the Seos10 was the waveguide/driver in your post.
  9. Here's hoping the Vortex 15 will be available soon. Hangup is the compression driver?
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  10. +1 on the Vortex 15.
  11. Just for planning purposes, will there be Volt 8/ or 10s back up today or tomorrow?

    Thanks much, just want to ensure I get an order in when they do. The holes in the ceiling are getting lonely!
  12. Erich posted a few above
    ..............I'll have those done before the end of the week and then will finally start putting the Volt-6, Volt-8, and other kits back in stock and update this thread.
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  13. So I need 4 atmos and 6 surround speakers.

    Out of what’s coming out soon, what would be the best combination to compliment the Titan LCR?
    I don’t need in-wall for the surrounds, but I’m seriously considering it. The Atmos can be in boxes that’ll be built into the ceiling or IB... so I’m flexible on both. Atmos will need to fit between 16”OC trusses and in-walls between 16”OC studs. 2x6 framing with 5/8 sheetrock for wall depth. Even a partially in wall box would work for me. Any feedback or recommendations appreciated.
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  14. Erich,

    With your thumb in the wind, can you ballpark when the redesigned 1299s may be available in the future? Thanks!
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  15. I know there are troubles getting components but I am looking to buy 3 x HT12 or 3 x HT10. Any ballpark on when they will be available?
  16. I have 9.x.6 with Titan 615 fronts, Volt 10 front wide, Volt 8 surround and back, and Volt 6 Atmos. The Titans fit behind my screen (the new 818's wouldn't), and all of the Volts are between the studs with only their faces sticking out. The Volts are all angled at the MLP with good angles to every seat in the theater.

    Tried to share a link to photos, but this site viewed that as spam. Pictures below.
    626CDB72-008E-4DB9-AA69-98B181F796B0.jpeg 14D5FC43-0A65-4980-A81C-AE7CD8474CF4.jpeg 448D2E9E-A6FD-42DC-B10F-77A87B1C8453.jpeg DAB0C375-5949-4A95-9F47-00BA28369A94.jpeg 64FDF7A9-254A-4518-85EC-9BC9EF11C56A.jpeg D9F60B7C-300F-4626-A24E-25302E3C0C16.jpeg

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  17. Hi Erich any update on the Ht-8 Thanks
  18. I like those grille covers, PE?
  19. Yes. PE 269-390 They fit perfectly and IMO look better than most speaker grills. I just wish they had been available for the 8 and 10" speakers too.

  20. @Clark Hathaway
    The HT-8 waveguide depth without the driver is a smidge over 3.25"

    I didn't measure the driver, but Celestion says 2.1".
  21. I need one Kuda M5-15k flat pack to complete my fathers Christmas present. When will these be back in stock? Given the amount of items out of stock due to COVID is this made to order on a per customer basis?
  22. I reached out to Erich last week about the Kuda 15 - he said he had ordered some and expects them in a few more weeks. I'm in for two myself when they're in stock.
  23. Did I miss buying volts / HT's Saturday? I'd been checking the forum / front page and noticed Sunday night that the items had been added to the individual buying pages.
  24. I don't think so, I've been checking daily and haven't seen them (on the HT's atleast).

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