Start with Volt-6's then Fusion-8's?

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  1. I've been looking at purchasing new speakers and eventually ended up on and now am wanting to build five new speakers for my surround sound. I'm not quite ready to purchase everything and am hesitant to jump right in and spend up to a thousand dollars on something I've never heard.

    Currently I'm using an Infinity Beta C360 center, Beta 20's for the RL, and Beta 10's for surround. I sit about 14 feet from the screen, but the basement isn't too wide and these speakers generally don't have any issues getting loud enough. What I'm looking for is more detail and a more full, clean sound.

    I've been looking at the Fusion 8's for RCL (with the dedicated center) or the 893's. Both are probably overkill, but I want some room to grow in case I end up in a larger room.

    I'm not anticipating purchasing a new RCL set until later this year and like I said, i hesitate to go all in at once. I was thinking about purchasing the Volt 6's to use upstairs (or as R/L as a phantom center) to get a taste of what the DIY sound like. I've seen the Volts recommended as surround and atmos speakers quite frequently with the Fusion line.

    Would the Volts give me some idea of what the expect from the Fusions?

    Should I start with Fusion 6's and then use them as surround?

    Would the 893 be a big enough upgrade (specifically for the center, my main goal is the best center I fit horizontally and afford) over the Fusions?

    I'm crossing over at 80 Hz with a HSU VTF-15H.

    Thanks for any insight
  2. Welcome to the forums!

    I was in a similar position as you and decided to try out the 893 center first and go from there. I figured the center would give me a better understanding of their sound and worse case, I would sell the components and trash the enclosures. I have the Volt 6s as well, but my plan is to use them as surrounds when I go Atmos / DTS:X.. I'm waiting for Emotiva to release their updated XMC-1 board.

    You can find my build threads here:

    In my 893 build tread I go into what speakers I auditioned in my room and why I ultimately went with the 893s. Everyone has different requirements, budget, etc. Although I can afford more expensive speakers, I really liked the newer B&Ws, I just couldn't see spending that much money for HT speakers. When I want to loose myself in music, I simply go to my desk, turn on my Schiit stack and get lost with my Sennheiser or AKG headphones.
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  3. BTW... nothing is overkill, especially in these forums. 893 sitting on-top of an 18" sub. System is currently in my living room. :cool:

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    I read that thread at some point, I definitely made note of your experience between the 893 and the svs ultra center. I'd love a set of 893's for the front but that'd be a tad much for me to justify after spending on a lg oled and a used hsu vtf-15h, oh yeah and a 4 week old baby girl.

    I'd love to hear someone's opinion on the 893 vs fusion-8 center since a fusion-8 front line is a bit more in line of what I'd like to spend versus 893s. If the 893 is a solid step up though, I'll save up and bite the bullet.
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  5. Those 893s are beautiful.
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  6. Makes perfect sense and congrats on the new baby! Hopefully someone chimes in that has the fusions.
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