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  1. Today I'm going to get an opportunity to give the BA-750 a good audition. Just thought I'd link my build thread for you guys:
  2. Awesome stuff. I can't wait to get a design done using the BA-750.

    Glad to hear that you like the beast.
  3. Yes, it'd be really sweet to see some repeatable designs pop up for this driver, as it his a nice price sweet spot IMO.

    ...The Faital 15FX560 seems like the perfect match!

    ...or... for an 18" woofer... how bout the Eighteen Sound 18W2000? Would probably better-take advantage of the 18" waveguide than a 15" woofer would. Efficiency is a bit high at 98.5db, but an ohm or two of series resistance to knock that down a smidge would actually be beneficial due to the low qts.
  4. I've got the 15FX560 here, just haven't used it......yet.
  5. So I posted my impressions of the speakers / BA-750 in the same thread I linked to earlier. The sparknotes version? It is a pleasure to listen to.
  6. I sent you and email last week but didn't hear back.
  7. Hey Erich. I did read your email and took your advice to just open it up and check things out. I discovered issue was caused by some gunk that had settled both on the diaphragm and the exit holes of the BA and impeding its proper operation. This gunk turned out to be plasticine, which I was using to smooth out the transition from CD to SEOS and it must have fallen in. Ultimately the whole issue was my carelessness. I cleaned it out with a credit card and compressed air and the impedance sweep showed it was operating correctly again.

    I did find afterwards though that one BA measures about 1 ohm higher across the board compared to other and is thus about 1db lower in sensitivity across the board. I corrected this issue in my crossover but I'm not sure if it's due to residual consequences of the aformentioned issue or simple manufacturing tolerances. Either way, once corrected, both speakers measure great and sound great. I do recommend anyone using any DIY divers to confirm if all their units have the same impedance and sensitivity, of course.
  8. Whoops I screwed up! :-[
    Anybody have some suggestions on what kind of glue to repair this *uckup?
    In the process of tightening the bolts that would have secured my SEOS18 to the baffle via an interior brace with small aluminum angle iron I went a couple of turns too far and the MDF flange popped off. I'm also a little worried about being able to precisely align the WG entrance with the flange opening. Also it would be nice to beef up the flange/WG connection so it's not so delicate.

  9. I'm making progress on my SEOS 18/ TD15M/ BA 750 build. :)
    I'd like to fabricate rich, dark hardwood top, maybe with a bullnose, to cap it off.


  10. What did you use for the putty? Does it ever drip or move?
  11. I've had no problem with it slipping or dripping.
  12. I know this thread needs a bump.

    I have the BA 750, Iwata 600 and AE TD15M. I just obtained the 8x8 minidsp.

    I would be interested in any diaphragm upgrades or tweeks for the BA.
  13. Finally hooked up my SEOS 18/ BA750/TD15M actively powered combo. ;D Currently I have about 25 hours on the rig and just running the drivers full-range... no crossover whatsoever. The BA750 is being powered by some modded/rebuilt Heathkit W5m monoblocks. The woofers are using a TPA 3116 amp.
    I'll have to admit, to my surprise, they sound pretty good, albeit a tad hot, with no crossover. Presently, I'm using just one 12" sealed sub because I need to work out some connection issues before I can integrate the two Anarchy folded horns.
    Next I'll be experimenting with the miniDSP.

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