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Discussion in 'Speaker Kit Information' started by Matt Grant, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. Hi Matt,
    I'm adding the second MBM 15's to my Titans like Mike and Jarod. Initially I'll be paralleling them with the existing 15's. Can you tell me what mod I need to make to the crossover? Also, in about a month I will be Bi-Amping them like Mike, will there be any additional change I need to make to the crossover when Bi-Amping them?
  2. A 4uF cap should be placed in parallel with the 18uF cap (or replace it with a 22uF cap). A 10 Ohm resistor placed in parallel with the 6 Ohm resistor (or replace it with a 4 Ohm resistor). Finally remove or cut a lead from the 33 ohm resistor. The second woofer should just be wired in parallel with the first woofer to the crossover board.

    Unfortunately all the setup I did to Mike's speakers with the active Bi-amping was done in his room and as such they have EQ and filter settings that were largely influenced by the room itself. So those setting won't be suitable for others.

    I haven't done any true testing myself on the dual woofer version since I only have one woofer and enclosure. The passive approach has only been simulated and I offer that only as an optional untested modification. I don't like the idea of releasing active filter settings on simulation alone so I don't plan on releasing those settings until I can actually measure the speaker and make sure it actually sounds like it should.
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