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    Here you will find links to many completed and tested speaker designs. Please post links for any proven designs you know of and I will include them here.

    Dome or Ribbon Tweeter Designs
    Project Nexus by Matt Grant: Timbre matched family of Hi-Fi/HT speakers all based on the same midwoofer (Dayton DS135-8) and tweeter (ND28F-8)

    Waveguide Designs
    SEOS-12 with Designer Series woofer by Bill Waslo: One of the very first SEOS based designs. It can be considered full range and will handle sub 40hz with no problem.

    Cheap Thrills by Bill Waslo: This speaker used a buyout 15" Celestion from Parts Express. Other 15" Celestions can likely be used, but that hasn't been tested.

    In-wall Delta Max by Ryan Bouma: One of the only in-wall waveguide speakers currently designed. You can substitute the DNA-360 for the compression driver.

    AE TD12M and SEOS-12 by Bill Waslo: A very early waveguide design that uses a 12" AE woofer.

    SEOS-12 with 12" Eminence woofers by Bill Waslo: Another early design using various 12" Eminence woofers.

    Karma-8 by Matt Grant: Broken photos but we'll try to get those updated.

    SEOS-12 with 8" Eminence by Ryan Bouma: Well priced shallow speaker that can play quite loud.

    Horn Designs
    DIY S/U horn spreadsheets: Bill Waslo gives us an in depth presentation on how to build DIY Synergy horns.

    Beta-10CX and PSD2013 by Matt Grant: A custom crossover design for an all Eminence coaxial speaker.

    More designs will be uploaded.

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